Custom Work

My business is to decorate your world with beautiful, peaceful artwork. I can do that with custom watercolor paintings and wall murals (painted in acrylic).

Unique Wall Murals

My hand-painted murals are great for:

  • Any interior wall,
  • Residential foyers and hallways,
  • Commercial entryways and lobbies,

Office life can seem to be colorless, but your surroundings don’t have to be.

Have a Watercolor Original Created Just for You

Learn how to commission an original painting – inspired by the beautiful  mountains and countryside of Western North Carolina – created specifically by me for you.

Feel free to talk to me about a quote for your custom project: Call (828) 884-2254 or contact me today and let’s get rid of those blank walls!

Mural at the Brian Center, Brevard NC

Sharyn Fogel paints a scene from “Peter and the Wolf” for the Music in Schools program with the Brevard Philharmonic