Custom Artwork

Working from home or in an office can seem to be boring but your surroundings don’t have to be. My business is to decorate your world with beautiful, peaceful artwork. I can do that with custom watercolor paintings and wall murals (painted in acrylic).

Custom Wall Murals for Home, Office or Business

Unique Wall Murals

My hand-painted murals are great for:

  • Any interior wall,
  • Residential foyers and hallways,
  • Commercial entryways and lobbies,

“Artists Paint Mural For Brian Center”

I invite you to click on the image below to read the entire article from the Transylvania Times about my mural project at the Brian Center, now the Accordius Health at Brevard.

Feel free to talk to me about your ideas for a custom art project…

Call (828) 884-2254 or contact me today and let’s get rid of those blank walls!

Have a Watercolor Original Created Just for You

Learn how you can commission an original watercolor painting – inspired by the beautiful  mountains or the countryside of Western North Carolina. Or even a wonderful portrait of your favorite pet? I can create a piece by me for you.

How about a portrait of your favorite person? Or your favorite pet?

“Kitza: the Face of a Killer”

Artist Statement

"There is something about painting that is like a magnet, drawing me in...pardon the pun. 

Still after all these years, I can't fully explain it - but it is something I must do."

Sharyn Fogel

About Sharyn…

Photo of Sharyn Fogel Painting Outdoors on a Hilltop