Storm Moving In

Colorful Day on the Parkway

Mountain Vista

Purple Lake

Deer in the Fog

Watercolor Paintings by Sharyn Fogel

A Brevard, NC & Transylvania County Native 

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” 

Vincent Van Gogh

Original Watercolor Paintings

Perfect for Any Space, Any Lifestyle

Many designers will tell you that a fine art painting, especially a watercolor, can instantly add a touch of beauty and style to almost any type of home or office decor.

The tricky part has always been in finding just the right watercolor…

…Until now. 

Just imagine:

You’re at home, relaxing and enjoying the setting sun as it slowly eases behind the skyline in the distance.

The evening breeze playfully teases your after dinner guests, as it flows through your open windows.

The fading sunlight paints the sky in twilight shades of blues, and purples as Night comes.

You are sitting, glass in hand, mesmerized by the quiet evening and the soothing beauty of your favorite watercolor.

Suddenly you notice that one-by-one, people are slowly gathering around and gazing at it too.

You listen to the muted voices of your family and friends:

“Look at those colors! It’s simply stunning.”

“What a spectacular watercolor. You feel as if you are there…”

And then from the “art critic” in the bunch, “Where did you get it? New York? Is it an investment piece?”

You just lean back and smile because you know the real truth. You know that acquiring a quality watercolor can be one of the most rewarding experiences that you can give to yourself.

Wasn’t it time for you to enjoy some of the fruits of your labors?

At long last, you understand why owning this original painting has been so gratifying.

Of course while you might have gotten your first painting just for your own enjoyment; you still remember how everyone laughed when you told them you were going to buy an original watercolor — but now they ALL want a fine art painting like yours.

Asheville Watercolor Artists - Watercolor Paintings by Sharyn Fogel
Asheville Watercolor Artists - Watercolor Paintings by Sharyn Fogel

Watercolor Paintings – Originals by Sharyn Fogel

Sharyn Fogel is an award-winning artist who creates watercolor landscapes that vividly capture the natural beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains and the surrounding Western North Carolina (WNC) countryside.

She has been painting professionally since 1977. Her watercolors will draw you into a wonderful world full of vibrant colors and soothing scenic vistas.

Her artwork is so engaging that some have said that her paintings are like having a “colorful window into the outdoors”.

Her wonderful watercolor paintings will add a touch of beauty to any home, any space, any lifestyle. 


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