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Sharyn Fogel – Asheville Artist – Watercolor Paintings

“You will see, in the future I will live by my watercolors.”

Winslow Homer, 1905

Original Watercolors – Perfect for Any Space, Any Lifestyle

Do you want to add a touch of beauty and simple elegance to your home or office?

But you are not sure where to start?

You are not alone.

People can spend months, even years, looking to find the perfect art piece to fill-in the “blank spots” in their decor.

We’ve all see the dreaded “Blank Spot”.

It’s that ugly, empty space above the mantel in your living room, or that bare spot behind the sectional or that weird corner wall in your office.

Empty spaces like these make your home look and feel unfinished or incomplete. You are certain you could transform that plain bare wall into a very interesting focal point, if you only had the right painting!

But you’ve probably been hunting for that perfect painting for a while now, right?

Well, stop for just a moment and imagine…

You’ve invited a few friends and family members over for a little party. After dinner, everyone is enjoying the warm evening breeze.

Suddenly you notice that one by one people are strolling over and admiring your newly purchased landscape painting.

You are quietly gratified when you hear them saying things like:

“Simply stunning…look at those colors!”

“Wow, what a great painting. You feel like you could almost walk right into it.”

And from the art critic in the bunch, “What a spectacular watercolor. Where did you get it…New York?”

“No…not New York” you reply, as you lean back comfortably in your favorite chair. You enjoy watching their faces because you know…

…They all laughed when you first told them you were going to invest in a fine art painting. But already, their silent skepticism has turned into surprised amazement.

Your watercolor has made a beautiful first impression. Funny, now they all want to get an original like yours.

Still you just smile to yourself because you know, no one has to become an avid “art collector” to own an enchanting watercolor. They just have to know Sharyn Fogel.

Watercolor Paintings
Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor Paintings By Sharyn Fogel

Sharyn Fogel creates unique landscapes that vividly capture the natural beauty of her native Western North Carolina mountains and surrounding countryside.

She paints watercolors that will draw you into a wonderful world full of vibrant colors and calming scenic vistas. Her artwork is so engaging that some people have said that her paintings are like having a “window into the outdoors”.

Her wonderful watercolor paintings will add a touch of beauty to any space, any lifestyle. Are you interested in owning one Sharyn Fogel’s original watercolors?

We invite you to discover more about Sharyn’s artwork below:

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